New Trends in Victoria’s Traffic Management Training: An Insightful Summary

Victoria’s traffic management is seeing important updates throughout 2024, thanks to new guidelines from Austroads which aim to improve the skills and safety of traffic controllers. This article  highlights the changes in training requirements and what they mean for those working in traffic management.

Updates in Traffic Management Training

In 2022, Austroads introduced eight new skill sets in traffic management, marking a major step forward in traffic safety and training for traffic controllers. By March 2024, some older training methods will no longer be valid, requiring traffic controllers and traffic management implementers to undergo comprehensive new training to keep their accreditation. This move towards more practical learning means more focus on real-world experiences and longer training times to get certified.

Adjusting to New Standards

At ACE Training, we’re updating our courses to meet these new requirements, making sure our training focuses more on hands-on, practical experiences in actual traffic scenarios. This is part of our larger goal to improve the knowledge and safety awareness of everyone working in Victoria’s traffic management sector. We aim to equip traffic management professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle the complexities of today’s traffic management challenges.

What This Means for Traffic Workers

The Department of Transport and Planning has made it clear that the new training rules mainly affect traffic management companies and their workers. However, there’s also new training being developed for jobs that have a smaller impact on the road network, like in utilities or event planning. For now, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) can offer certain training modules to people not currently in a standard traffic management role. This temporary measure is designed to keep traffic safety high on the road network while moving to the new training methods.

“If you’re not working as a dedicated Traffic Controller for a Traffic Control company, you don’t need to comply with the new Traffic Control Framework for now.”

Looking Ahead

As we go through these changes, it’s crucial for every person working in traffic management to keep up-to-date with their knowledge and understand the new Austroads requirements. Here at ACE Training, we’ll help guide and support everyone through this time of change, with more information to come as the details of the new training become clearer.

The ongoing changes in traffic management training in Victoria call for a commitment to staying flexible and continuously learning. By getting involved with the new training standards and protocols, traffic management staff can ensure their methods are safe and effective. As we enter this new period of improved traffic safety and skill building, it’s a good opportunity for growth and advancement in the field.

Stay tuned for further updates on this critical topic, and check out our Traffic Management course aimed at those looking for opportunities beyond traditional traffic management roles.




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