Four-wheel drive (4WD) training course

TLIB0002 - Carry out vehicle inspection
FWPCOT3259 - Operate a four wheel drive on unsealed roads
FWPCOT3260 - Recover four wheel drive vehicles

This course focuses on defensive driving techniques that emphasise low risk and hazard management strategies for everyday driving, off road driving and off road four wheel drive recovery techniques with practical skills in remote location, survival techniques and use of communication equipment. This course is only conducted for Company group training.
2 days
Ballarat, Bendigo, Sale, Traralgon
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In this course, our instructors will equip you with the following skills:

  • Operation of 4WD vehicle
  • Range & gear selection
  • Axle & transmission wind up
  • Steering, braking & accelerating
  • Recovery equipment
  • Wheel placement
  • Braking & steering techniques
  • Emergency stall procedures
  • Correct seating position
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Low risk defensive driving techniques
  • Safety & tyres
  • Survival techniques
  • Safe wheel changing
  • ….any many more

Be safe with ACE Training.

Learn how to drive and operate a 4 x 4 with one of the industry’s best. Our experienced instructors will give you the knowledge and practical skills to drive a four-wheel drive safely and effectively in any terrain. Our skilled and experienced instructors will provide you with the knowledge and train you to drive a four-wheel-drive vehicle safely. 

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ACE Training will deliver the training through classroom instruction and in realistic learning environments. Successful students who pass the assessment by our qualified assessor will be awarded a Statement of Attainment for TLIB0002 – Carry Out Vehicle Inspection, FWPCOT3259 – Operate a Four Wheel Drive on Unsealed roads and FWPCOT3260 – Recover four-wheel-drive vehicles .

ACE Training’s qualified assessors will assess the participants’ competence through a series of verbal and written questions and practical demonstrations. A full course overview will be provided upon completion of the enrolment process.

  • Applicants must be aged 18+ at the time of course commencement.      
  • Applicants must hold a current drivers licence.
  • Applicants must have a USI Number (Unique Student Identifier).
  • It is highly recommended that applicants have safety footwear & hi-vis shirt/vest.
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