Motorcycle Checkride

If you already have your motorcycle learner’s permit and are ready to take your motorcycle licence, take your motorcycle checkride under the expert and VicRoads certified watchful eye of ACE Training instructors.
4 hours
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If you obtained your motorcycle learner’s permit after April 2, 2016, you need to undergo a motorcycle checkride before taking your motorcycle licence under the Motorcycle Graduated Licence Scheme (M-GLS). The check ride will cover the following:

  • Riding strategies and tactics
  • Navigating U-turns, curves and braking
  • On-road briefing
  • On-road coaching
  • Post-check ride debriefing with your group
  • …and much more

Get your motorcycle licence with ACE Training.

Take the first step in making your dream of riding a motorcycle come true with ACE Training. Our skilled, experienced, and VicRoads certified instructors would ensure you are ready to take your motorcycle licence with the Motorcycle CheckRide. 

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ACE Training will deliver the training through classroom instruction and in realistic learning environments. Successful students who pass the assessment by our qualified assessor, will then be able to book in to attend their Licence Assessment after a 30 day period.

Please Note: Your check ride must be completed at least 30 days before your motorcycle licence assessment.

  • On the day of the Check Ride, applicants must bring with them current Victorian Motorcycle Learners Permit or VicRoads Learners Permit receipt. There is no minimum time that you need to hold your learners permit, but you should not have held it for longer than 14 months at the time of your Check Ride as the Check Ride must be completed a month before your Motorcycle Licence Assessment. 
  • Applicants MUST wear appropriate clothing including a long sleeve top, long pants, and fully enclosed shoes (either boots or runners) in order to have full skin cover. If you have your own motorcycle protective gear and you wish to use it, please bring it with you.
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