This course focuses on defensive driving techniques that emphasise low risk and hazard management strategies for everyday driving, off road driving and off road four wheel drive recovery techniques with practical skills in remote location, survival techniques and use of communication equipment. This course is only conducted for Company group training.
A spotter is a safety observer responsible for ensuring the safety of workers operating in the vicinity of underground and overhead electric lines. Our spotting course will prepare you to perform your job as a spotter and ensure safe working conditions in various field settings. A combination of theoretical and practical sessions will equip you with the qualifications you need.
Maintaining adequate breathing and circulation in the first two minutes following an arrest is crucial to ensuring survival. With the proper knowledge of how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR, you can save a life in the event of an emergency. ACE Training will make sure that you are ready to respond in the event of a crisis in any setting.
Providing first aid is an essential skill in any setting. ACE Training provides first aid training that you can apply in any emergency. Enrolling in our first aid training can prepare you for emergencies at work and in your personal life.
Workers who deal with chainsaws need to have the proper training to handle equipment on-site safely. ACE Training can help you gain the qualifications you need to increase your employability in the construction sector. Our chainsaw handling course covers two parts – FWPCOT2254 and FWPCOT2259 over two days.
Working in confined spaces takes skill and knowledge. Under current state regulations, you must undergo training if your job entails working in this high-risk environment. When you enrol in our RIIWHS202E course, you will gain the qualifications you need to perform your job safely and efficiently in confined spaces.
When you’re ready to take your career to the next level, ACE Training can help you get there. Our RIIWHS302E course will prepare you to set out and implement traffic management plans that will ensure the safety of your team members. With our traffic management course, you can • Implement traffic management plans in a manner that is safe and follows workplace policies and procedures.
ACE Training has got you covered whether you’re looking to change careers or improve your current skill set. In this traffic control course, you will be trained in traffic control to use a stop-slow bat. You can apply this skill in a wide range of industries.
If your job requires you to work at heights, you need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the safety of yourself and your colleagues. ACE Training will provide you with the competency you need to work at heights with confidence and skill. Our training course will cover safety standards and work procedures for working at heights.
Get certified with a TLILIC0002 licence by enrolling in ACE Training. ACE Training provides you with a training course that can help you gain your certification to operate a vehicle loading crane with a capacity of 10 metric tonnes or more. Our team of highly-skilled trainers will prepare you to optimise your skills in crane operations.